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Hasselblad Era

In about 1999 I received a Hasselblad 501 as a Christmas present. I used that camera with film for many years. In 2007 Hasselblad began offering a digital back to replace film. This advancement vastly improved the utility of the camera. I used that setup until 2014 when I switched to a Sony A7 digital.


Large Format

I n 2002 I bought a Wista 4X5 field camera, similar to those used by Ansel Adams. This was a very difficult camera to use successfully. There were no electronic features to aid with focusing and exposure. Some of my best images came from a trip, appropriately, to Yosemite; see Half Dome above.


Panoramic Photography

 Most recently, Feb  2010, I became interested in panoramas. Initially, I used my Hasselblad mounted on a device called a Gigapan robotic panorama unit. Later, I discovered that Sony added panoramic features to it’s cameras. This made it possible to create panoramas routinely without lugging around a lot of extra equipment

The Water Mirror, Bordeaux France

Pont De Re near La Rochelle France

School Lake near Leland, MI in 2014